Rest, joy, nature

Rancho w Kijanach

Plants, a wonderful fresh scent, freedom in the rustling leaves, the wind is whistling, a picturesque landscape. They grow up with us - remember the best moments are with us always - forever.

Trees and shrubs are one of the basic elements of the ecosystem. Plants produce oxygen and purify the air. Sometimes very undervalued, they have a huge impact on our lives.

Visit our nurseries

Szkółka Szpakowscy - Kijany

We invite you to visit one of our nurseries. We have a huge collection of tree seedlings and shrubs from various parts of the world. Tour our farm paths with delight, this is a pleasure for all, not only nature lovers.

Everyone will find something for himself. Coniferous and deciduous trees, shrubs, small and large, red, green, silver, gold, with fruits, with cones. Natural fragrance is everything your heart desires.

Create your new green place to live!

Rośliny Szpakowscy

What an invigorating morning when you can stand by the window admiring your beautiful garden with its developing trees and plants. A lot of these, you have planted yourself and have watched them grow each year. You step outside and the aroma of the garden fills your nostrils, it really is good to be alive!

Your new garden awaits you, it is limited only by your imagination - time to act!